PARticulars 2009
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2009 Summer PARticular highlights:
• More than Hockey
• A New Look
• The Real Deal
• Positive Changes

2009 March PARticular highlights:
• Delta Consultants wearables website
• eCommerce delivers real benefits
• Need a mood boost?
• The new feel goods
• Final thought: Attitude is everything

PARticulars 2008

2008 November PARticulars highlights:
• Four51 Offers Online Ordering and Job Tracking
• Find Your Funny Bone
• Welcome Gail Hyer, Graphic Production Coordinator
• Highly Opinonated
• Spend Yourself Happy

2008 September PARticulars highlights:
• Great Company, Great Client
• Tips For A Better Life
• Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
• Welcome Tov Rezabek
• 30-Minutes Mood Makeover

2008 July PARticulars highlights:
• Happy Birthday Minnesota
• Guilt-Free Track in the Eco Age
• Welcome Back, Natalie Michaels
• Understanding Geeks
• The Really Important Things In Life

“Yes, we loved the posters! Everything went very well (as I knew it would with you on our team!) and I'm confident you'll be the first call with our future printing projects.”

Shirleen Hilgenberg, Ham in the Fridge
Minneapolis, MN